1st of March 2016: On the side of migrants! A first step towards the Transnational Social Strike

REPORT OF A DAY OF COORDINATED ACTIONS THROUGHOUT EUROPE The sense of something new, starting from migrants’ struggles The 1st of March 2016 more than 20 cities in eight European countries mobilized in the action day called by the Transnational Social Strike Platform. Many different events, demonstrations, actions and assemblies took place with the aim of practically showing that it is possible to overcome hierarchies and divisions by being united against borders and precarization. The … [Read more...]

Report of the meeting of Blockupy International, Brussels, Oct. 16, 2015

The meeting had a good participation with activists from many countries (Belgium, Greece, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Croatia) and from different networks and organizations (trade unions, parties, associations, social centers, collectives) with a wealth of political and strategic discussion. We began with an overview of the history of the Blockupy process, highlighting some characteristics that it had during its development. It started from a German situation and was … [Read more...]

Report on the Meeting of Blockupy International Coordinating Group, “Taking a new step and making it concrete”

July 4th 2015 in Padua, Italy Summary of decisions: We agree on the strength of common transnational – Blockupy and other – mobilizations. We believe that there is the need for a medium-term perspective with strong moments of coming together and raising our voice in the streets with symbolically important targets (milestones) Therefore, we agree that Brussels from October 15th to 17th – the EU council summit – should become the next mobilization milestone for all of us (with other … [Read more...]

Blockupy – Disobedience, Alliance, Street: On the conditions of left capacities for action in the heart of the crisis regime

Thesis paper of the Blockupy coordinating group on March 18th 2015 PDF-Download March 18th was an important day of protest against the catastrophes of the European politics of impoverishment. Thousands of people participated in the blockades in the morning, 25.000 came to the rally and demonstration in the afternoon, and all this in the middle of the week, as a big transnational mobilization. This made #18M a clear sign of strong resistance against the crisis regime and for another Europe of … [Read more...]

Taking a New Step! Report on the Meeting of Blockupy International Coordinating Group, evaluating #18M and the European Blockupy process, building perspectives.

May 9th 2015 in Berlin Summary of decisions Blockupy international goes on, continuing and developing its collaborating structures. The next coordination meeting will be on the 4th of July in Padua, Italy. Save the date! More info will follow soon. Blockupy supports the “Solidarity with Greece” week of action 20th-26th June. The focus will be especially on the 20th June when demonstrations and events will take place in different European cities (Berlin, London, Rome, Brussels, … [Read more...]

“Welcome to the crucial phase” Blockupy – March 18th (#18M) – Transnational actions against the European Central Bank’s opening gala – Let’s Take Over the Party!

Results of the (German) Blockupy activist meeting in Frankfurt, 18 January 2015 (The International Blockupy coordinating meeting on 18 January is reported seperately.) The Blockupy activist meeting in the Frankfurt Gewerkschaftshaus (trade union’s house) signaled the start of the critical phase of our preparations and mobilization for the protests against crisis policies and the opening of the ECB on 18 March. Over 200 friends, colleagues and comrades joined the meeting: People from the … [Read more...]

Minutes of the Brussels Assembly – „Building together a transnational space for an Europe from below“ on Sept. 26th/27th 2014

After having discussed the outcomes of the May of Solidarity 2014, the Blockupy international coordinating group called for a transnational meeting on protests against the EU crisis policies to take place in Brussels. The message of the May action days, „Solidarity beyond borders, building democracy from below!“ found much resonance, but obviously a strong transnational movement is still to come. It will depend on the struggles taking place in our daily life but also on our ways to develop a … [Read more...]

Protokoll / Minutes of the European Action Conference

From November 22nd to November 24th 2013 in Frankfurt The following decisions were made in two big plenary-discussions on Saturday evening and Sunday noon. These were not only the results of three days of intense discussions in the assemblies, dozens of workshops and four working groups in Frankfurt, but they also take up suggestions and ideas which were made on previous transnational meetings like the “strategy meeting” in Amsterdam and the Agora99 in Rome. Each of the plenary discussion was … [Read more...]