In 70 cities in 10 countries: United against the Troika!

The Portuguese coalition People United Against the Troika, which called for massive protests across Europe against the troika and its austerity policies, issued a press release yesterday announcing the progress of its call. Mobilizations are underway in 70 cities in 10 countries in Europe, with Blockupy playing a key role on this day: "As in Frankfurt Blockupy will protest in front of the European Central Bank Headquarters, in Lisbon the “Que Se Lixe a Troika” will protest in front of the … [Read more...]

Warm up for Blockupy Zeil – Benetton blockupied in Italy!

Following the recent events in Bangladesh, where 1,127 people died in the collapse of a textile factory, the main store of the multinational company Benetton has been blocked in many cities in the Northeast of Italy. In Venice, Vicenza, Padua, Trieste and Trento outlets of the multinational were closed. Banners above windows where clothes are usually on display, photos and signs showed the true face of Benetton. The crisis actor was marked colorfully. For more information: Global … [Read more...]

Protests across Europe parallel to action days in Frankfurt

Press statement of the federal Blockupy coalition Frankfurt am Main, May 15, 2013 This Wednesday is the second anniversary of the occupation of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid. May 15, 2011 (15M) marks the beginning of a European movement against the austerity policies of the troika and governments, against unemployment, housing emergencies and cuts in social welfare. The federal coalition Blockupy Frankfurt understands itself as part of this international movement. Many active persons from … [Read more...]