Blockupy Newsletter 16.02.2016

#Blockupy consultation meeting, Feb 6 & 7 2016: A step further ahead About 200 activist mainly from Germany, but also from Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Slovenia, Spain and France gathered in Berlin on the 6th and 7th of February for the “Blockupy Ratschlag” – a Blockupy meeting to consult on and discuss the urgent questions on how to build new perspectives, how to make links between different lines of conflict, how to build a strong Blockupy base in Germany and beyond. It is good to see … [Read more...]

Blockupy-Newsletter November 2014

BLOCKUPY FESTIVAL // 20th to 23rd of NOV 2014 // FRANKFURT ACTION // PANEL // PLENARIES// WORK GROUPS // WORKSHOPS // PARTY // EXHIBITION // READINGS // CONCERT // MOVIES // PERFORMANCE // We are not waiting for the appointments of the rulers – we are setting our own agenda. Even if the ECB’s inauguration will take place only next year, Blockupy will be back to Frankfurt in only some days. Blockupy – We will not get used to it! Austerity still kills, and the ruling classes are tightening … [Read more...]