They want capitalism without democracy, we want democracy without capitalism

Statement of the Blockupy coordinating committee, 5.6.2013 (...) Blockupy has achieved an important political victory. The attack on our demonstration has turned into a political disaster for the interior ministry and the representatives of the authoritarian politics of crisis ‘resolution’. We are determined to continue preparing further actions at the European Central Bank, this raw nerve of the European crisis regime, where protest is so obviously effective and thus clearly undesirable. … [Read more...]

Press statement: Strong protest against EU austerity / Scandalous denial of the right to demonstrate / Executive in Wiesbaden overrides the judiciary

Federal Blockupy coalition Frankfurt am Main, June 2, 2013 The Blockupy days of action this weekend in Frankfurt had two faces. "Our protests were strong and resolute. With actions of civil disobedience and a large, colorful demonstration, we sent an articulate message against the impoverishment policies of the troika. We brought European resistance to one of its points of departure - the European Central Bank," said Eberhard Heise, an attac activist in the Blockupy coalition. "Our actions … [Read more...]

Blockupy: Police use violence against demonstration

Press statement Blockupy coalition Frankfurt/Main, 1 June 2013 15.00 hrs / 3pm   Escalation and police kettle were evidently planned beforehand / police headquarters in Wiesbaden does not respond to the far reaching concessions of the demonstrators   Without any reason the police is currently using massive violence against the participants of the Blockupy demonstration in the police kettle. “The strategy of the police is evident: They want to escalate the … [Read more...]

Action Goals achieved, European Central Bank blocked

Powerful Actions in the City / Demonstrators harrassed by Police at the Airport   More than 3000 people sourrounded and closed off the ECB for several hours this Friday morning as part of the Blockupy protests. Subsequently, activists marked further crisis actors with their creative protests all over the city.   „We achieved our goal to block the Eurotower with mass blockades as we had announced. The ECB represents not only the European crisis management that serves the … [Read more...]

PM: ECB is blocked by 3000 Blockupy activists

Press statement of the federal Blockupy coalition Frankfurt am Main, May 31, 2013 *ECB is blocked by 3000 Blockupy activists *Blockupy coalition reached its first goal / actions in the city will follow later in the day The European Central Bank is blocked. More than 3000 people have surrounded and bolt the ECB at the Willy-Brandt-Platz early on this Friday morning. Continually, more activists are arriving at the blockades. „The blockade is standing. The business of the ECB is … [Read more...]

PM: Demonstration at the airport is going to stay permitted

Press statement of the federal Blockupy coalition Frankfurt am Main, May 15, 2013 *Constitutional Court allows Blockupy- Demonstration in the airport *Police stops seven Buses and forces refugees to return +++Update: The 4 remaining buses arrived at the camp+++ The Blockupy- Demonstration inside the airport stays permitted: The Constitutional Court in Kassel confirmed that the demonstration „Blockupy Deportation Airport“ will be taking place tomorrow, with 200 demonstrators inside … [Read more...]

Protests across Europe parallel to action days in Frankfurt

Press statement of the federal Blockupy coalition Frankfurt am Main, May 15, 2013 This Wednesday is the second anniversary of the occupation of the Puerta del Sol in Madrid. May 15, 2011 (15M) marks the beginning of a European movement against the austerity policies of the troika and governments, against unemployment, housing emergencies and cuts in social welfare. The federal coalition Blockupy Frankfurt understands itself as part of this international movement. Many active persons from … [Read more...]