Blockupy goes Paris and Nuit Debout! Against Loi Travail in France and Precarization in Europe: General Strike!

Blockupy International Coordination sends a strong message of solidarity to all those who are fighting now against the labor bill imposed by the French government, a fight that is taken up by young and old, by industry and precarious workers, by migrants and students. It is contested not just in Paris, but in places all over France, it is contested not just by certain groups, but there is a movement growing that reaches across those immediately affected. Those who took the streets and the … [Read more...]

1st of March 2016: On the side of migrants! A first step towards the Transnational Social Strike

REPORT OF A DAY OF COORDINATED ACTIONS THROUGHOUT EUROPE The sense of something new, starting from migrants’ struggles The 1st of March 2016 more than 20 cities in eight European countries mobilized in the action day called by the Transnational Social Strike Platform. Many different events, demonstrations, actions and assemblies took place with the aim of practically showing that it is possible to overcome hierarchies and divisions by being united against borders and precarization. The … [Read more...]

Blockupy Newsletter 16.02.2016

#Blockupy consultation meeting, Feb 6 & 7 2016: A step further ahead About 200 activist mainly from Germany, but also from Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Slovenia, Spain and France gathered in Berlin on the 6th and 7th of February for the “Blockupy Ratschlag” – a Blockupy meeting to consult on and discuss the urgent questions on how to build new perspectives, how to make links between different lines of conflict, how to build a strong Blockupy base in Germany and beyond. It is good to see … [Read more...]

Migrants, Workers, Activists // Act! Demonstrate! Strike! A day of coordinated initiatives against borders and precarization, towards a transnational social strike!

Q&A: Why a transnational day of coordinated actions against borders and precarization in Europe? Because national social and labour policies are placed inside a European framework, precarity is organized along transnational chains of production and exploitation and migrant labour and migrants’ mobility are challenging the European order and austerity regime as never before. While the EU and its member States are struggling to control and govern mobility for the sake of profit, we need … [Read more...]

On the side of the migrants! Freedom of movement, freedom from austerity!

On Friday February 12th the EU commission sent another intolerable ultimatum to Greece. If the country does not tighten its borders and install immediately the so called hotspots for the registration and segregation of the incoming migrants, it will be expelled from the Schengen community. The ultimatums imposed on Greece in all these last months and years – via the threat of a Grexit – were put in force on the skin of those suffering from the effects of austerity measures; this one – now via … [Read more...]

Dokumentiert: Offener Brief eines Aktivisten an #DiEM25 Bewegungsgründer Yanis Varoufakis

Der griechische EX-Finanzminister Yannis Varoufakis wird am 9. Februar eine neue Bewegung DiEM25 (Democracy in Europe – Movement) vorstellen. Blockupy-Aktivist John Malamantinas hat ihn einem offenen Brief eingeladen, am Blockupy Ratschlag vom 5.-7. Februar in Berlin teilzunehmen. Den offenen Brief von John dokumentieren wir im folgenden, er wurde zuerst hier veröffentlicht. Die Antwort von Yannis findet sich hier auf englisch in seinem Blog und hier auf deutsch im Neuen Deutschland. Lieber … [Read more...]


“Taking the next step together against austerity and authoritarian crisis management“ Since 2012 Blockupy has been the central actor of crisis protests in Germany. Furthermore, Blockupy gained importance as crucial point of reference across Europe for resistance against austerity and for democracy. However, the European “coup” against Greece this summer demonstrated that our political and social impact has not been enough – as that of other alliances and actors – to intervene effectively into … [Read more...]

Coordination meeting of the Transnational Social Strike Platform (6th February, Berlin)

Berlin, Technical University Building Room TBA Since a first workshop held during the Blockupy festival in November 2014, the project of a transnational social strike began to circulate in various European networks, collectives, trade unions and organizations. The banner for a transnational social strike and claims regarding wages, welfare and freedom of movement started to circulate already on March 18 during the big Blockupy demonstration flooded Frankfurt. After a large assembly on the … [Read more...]


Blockupy International supports movements’ actions in the streets of Paris Following the tragic events of 13 November in Paris and the French government's decision to set and extend the “state of emergency”, it is now very clear: It is the freedom of movement and freedom of protest that is at stake. In fact, the choice to ban demonstrations and people gatherings does not make any sense from the point of view of an effective “anti-terror security measure". Contrary, it is part of a “state … [Read more...]

Report of the meeting of Blockupy International, Brussels, Oct. 16, 2015

The meeting had a good participation with activists from many countries (Belgium, Greece, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Croatia) and from different networks and organizations (trade unions, parties, associations, social centers, collectives) with a wealth of political and strategic discussion. We began with an overview of the history of the Blockupy process, highlighting some characteristics that it had during its development. It started from a German situation and was … [Read more...]