Invitation to the Blockupy International Coordinating Group’s Meeting

Re-thinking and re-launching Blockupy International in times of multiple crises? What does that mean + how to go on? Friday, Oct 16th, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.; at Bruxelles Laïque (Avenue de Stalingrad 18-20, 1000 Brussels, close to the station: Midi) For the days of action in Brussels see: Dear comrades of the Blockupy coordinating group, Dear comrades and friends from interested networks, groups and organizations, as Blockupy International we worked for the … [Read more...]

Report on the Meeting of Blockupy International Coordinating Group, “Taking a new step and making it concrete”

July 4th 2015 in Padua, Italy Summary of decisions: We agree on the strength of common transnational – Blockupy and other – mobilizations. We believe that there is the need for a medium-term perspective with strong moments of coming together and raising our voice in the streets with symbolically important targets (milestones) Therefore, we agree that Brussels from October 15th to 17th – the EU council summit – should become the next mobilization milestone for all of us (with other … [Read more...]

LET’S RAISE OUR EUROPEAN OXI! From Athens to Brussels and Berlin our NO is everywhere in the squares.

On July 13 the political and financial oligarchies of Europe imposed, with the knife at the throat, a program to Greece that the same mainstream economists call simply "impossible to enforce" even under capitalistic standards. Which was their real goal? They wanted to and had to demonstrate that there can be no viable alternative outside of the field of possibilities defined by their policies. To reach it, a faction of them led by Finanzminister Schäuble, was and is willing to make … [Read more...]

#ThisIsACoup: #OXI on every wall, in every street!

On 3 July hundreds of thousands unmistakably said OXI! NO! in the streets of Athens. OXI! NO! to the unreasonable demands of austerity, to their impoverishment and to the rescue of banks at the expense of the people. This OXI! No! was reaffirmed on 5 July by the Greek referendum with an impressive majority of 61%. OXI! NO! echoed across Europe, gave hope to the humiliated, encouraged the resistant – and scared those in power. Only one week later, Greece surrenders to the claims of the … [Read more...]

“There’s no solution but to fight”

No one in Athens knows what will happen next. No one. But everyone agrees that the referendum signifies a radical rupture. All we can report on for now is what people are discussing, what is happening at the moment, while we are here. Listening, talking. Laughing, cheering. No solution but to fight What does it mean when this phrase becomes more than just a militant slogan of the radical left, becomes an existential question for a whole society? The post-referendum situation is … [Read more...]

It´s a victory. The unknown triumphes.

The people said „NO“. Without knowing what that exactly means and what it will bring tomorrow. But they clearly know, what it means for them: They are fed up with this life and the memoranda. People are angry about the arrogance of power, of the authoritarian governance of the European institutions and their discourse mill. They are done with all of that. The New is the majority. The old system of the corrupt two party parliamentarism stood all in one for the YES. The „NO“ was articulated … [Read more...]

The day in between: after Syntagma, before OXI

It is Saturday. It is the day after the large gathering and the day before the referendum. We are trying to escape what overwhelmed us yesterday on Syntagma Square. Early yesterday evening thousands and thousands of people not only came together, but, in fact, converged: people who otherwise live for themselves, in their individual worlds, with their worries and wishes. It was the simple life that gathered its courage to refuse yesterday. Young people, families with children, kissing couples, … [Read more...]

#OXI – Day of the Referendum

Today is the day of days. The ballot boxes have been open since 7am, secret polls predict a deadlock with many wavering voters, and public surveys from private television stations have proven to be manipulated lies. Whatever the case may be, should “Oxi” win, it will not be celebrated at home. At 7pm (6pm CET) the polling stations will close, the exit polls will follow shortly thereafter, and around two hours later the first projections will be given. Many will only make their decision once … [Read more...]

Blockupy – Disobedience, Alliance, Street: On the conditions of left capacities for action in the heart of the crisis regime

Thesis paper of the Blockupy coordinating group on March 18th 2015 PDF-Download March 18th was an important day of protest against the catastrophes of the European politics of impoverishment. Thousands of people participated in the blockades in the morning, 25.000 came to the rally and demonstration in the afternoon, and all this in the middle of the week, as a big transnational mobilization. This made #18M a clear sign of strong resistance against the crisis regime and for another Europe of … [Read more...]

Invitation: Meeting of the Blockupy International Coordinating Group Taking a new step and making it concrete

Saturday, July 4th, 10:00 a.m. – 18.00 p.m. in Padua, Italy, [Sherwood Festival, Stadio Euganeo, Viale Nereo Rocco 60, 35135 PD] Dear comrades of the Blockupy coordinating group, dear interested networks, groups and organizations, On May 9th we met in Berlin, evaluating #18M as an Europe-wide mobilization, a day of protest and resistance against the crisis regime. We discussed the Blockupy process of the last years, our steps to build a broad transnational platform against austerity and … [Read more...]